Jump Conveyor


Technical Specifications:
Width  : 650 mm–1200 mm
Length : 20 m–35 m
Onboard Transformer: May be used if required.
Chassis : Special profile chassis.
Inclination Adjustment: Hydraulic or Mechanic Adjustable from 4° to 7°. 
Rubber : EP Cord Textile or Steel Cord
Drive : Shaft-mounted helical gear box, V-Belt motor connection
Drum :  Ø323 mm–Ø800 mm  
Taper Lock Shaft Mounting 
Lagging : Rubber, Polyurethane
Housings : Steel casting, Heavy Duty Spherical roller
Idlers : Ø89 mm–Ø159 mm , 1. quality pipe
Crawler Set : Non-Driven Crawler Set
Take-Up System: Screw Type
Scrapers : Rubber, polyurethane or tungsten carbide
Linings : Wear Resistant Metal, Polyurethane or Delrin.
Platform : Galvanised Grids
Safety Switches: Belt Misalignment Switch, Zero Speed Switch, Pull Cord Switch, Emergency Stops, Plugged Chute Switch, Backstop
Belt Covers : Canvas or galvanized metal cover